It’s a lot to read, but it’s important to know what you are getting.

Photo Delivery Time: All photos are sent within 6-8 weeks. Standard time in the industry is 8-10 weeks. Who likes waiting long? It’s not that we rush the editing, we just photograph correctly and do not depend on editing to make the image better. 

Video Info: Films can be anywhere from 1 minute teasers as seen on instagram to 12 minute feature films as seen here. More examples are under the “motion” tab on the website. There is also the option of purchasing ALL the raw video footage at a flat rate of $800. Video is actually 10x more time-consuming in the editing process as compared to photo. All footage needs to be reviewed, audio synced, and clips placed together to tell the story properly. Also in order to stay legal finding the right music is also very important as you may get in trouble for using that Bruno Mars song. All films are delivered within 8-10 weeks.

Do we get all of our photos? The only photos delivered are mid-blinking, blurry or unflattering photos that you won’t have any desire to print/have. The average delivery is 200-350 photos. There isn't a cap on the amount. It just depends on how long the job is and what goes on during the day. Unfortunately RAW (un-edited) photos are not available for purchase – you are hiring me for my editing style and trust that I send all the right photos.

How do you deliver? Online Gallery with full High-Resolution photos/video. No watermarks or logos will be added. 

How do we book? In order to hold the date a contract with your selected collection will be sent over for you to look over and e sign. Once that is completed a payment link containing the collection you have chosen will be sent over. Only the 1/3 retainer is due in order to hold the date. The balance is due the day of your wedding. 

Do we meet with clients before booking? Since I book 42+ weddings a year AND engagement sessions, PLUS all the time I need for editing on the weekdays, and traveling like crazy – I feel it is not necessary. One of the big reasons why the website is transparent is so you can know right away if I am the right choice for you. Social media is another “get to know me” approach, too. I always do Instagram stories so you can feel connected to my personaly so that I don’t feel like strangers to you. We will certainly keep in touch often and are always easy to get a hold of through email or phone call.

What are your rates? Photo collections start at 1750 while video starts at 1900. For a complete list of examples and pricing please click here

Are you able to work with budgets? Money is never easy to talk about, but I strive to make it a transparent and open communication. I am a full-time creator. I don’t have a 401k or health benefits that come with a corporate company. I have to pay for everything out of my own hard earned money/pocket. While I truly WANT to work with budgets (and I always try too!) – it’s just not always available because I have a “hard cost” in order to profit and stay in business. With that being said, here are some things that make it more likely to work with you if pricing is not within your budget. 1) Having a wedding during the weekday (monday-thursday) 2) Having a wedding during “off” season (which is December-February) OR 3) Your wedding is last minute and around the corner (within 1-2 months).